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Kiralynn of Rohan
PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:16 am    Post subject: Taris Hunting Tours Takes Flagship

Taris Hunting Tours now has its own Harrower Class Imperial Dreadnaught.

Feel free to use this as another way to travel around the galaxy cheaply.  At the moment, it is in geosynchronous orbit above Kaas City on Dromund Kaas.  We can not only pilot it to other worlds, we can choose which base we land at when we exit.  We can also activate Orbital Support features, which gives us damage, damage reduction, health, and other bonuses.

In order to upgrade and expand our dreadnaught, we can use several items:  Encryptions, Frameworks, and Dark Projects.  Frameworks are created out of 50 Encryptions of the same type.  Encryptions are rewarded for earning enough points during a Conquest.  Conquest Commanders reward one Encryption to everyone in the group and also drop Frameworks.  Dark Projects can be crafted.

The flagship is decorated using the guild's regular stronghold inventory.  If there are any decorations you would like to see aboard her, feel free to use the Purchase For Guild option in your stronghold decoration inventory.  Some items need to be donated directly.  In particular, we need Dark Datacrons (one of each) and Imperial personnel (especially Dark Honor Guards).

The ship needs a name.  Please reply and share any suggestions that you can think of.